Airport Luggage Handler Reveals Mystery Of How They Fit Everything On Board

by : Daniel Richardson on : 15 Aug 2021 17:13
Airport Luggage Handler Reveals Mystery Of How They Fit Everything On BoardPA Images

An airport luggage handler has taken to TikTok to reveal the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes of the departure lounge.

We’ve all waited impatiently for our bags to arrive after we get off a plane. Usually, they come out relatively unscathed, but sometimes you’ll find some precious items crushed and mangled when you unload your stuff at the hotel or, even worse, your bag gets lost altogether.


Some will wonder what happens to the bags that leads to them getting so squished, and TikTok user Stephen, known as @clt_vip, has the answer.

Taking a timelapse of himself at work, Stephen’s video shows how the bags are stacked up tightly in a process somewhat akin to Tetris. While this process happens, the video is captioned, ‘Your bag is one of thousands… Thousands of passengers travel daily… So do you really think your bag gets special treatment? Probably not.’


Check it out:

Some people weren’t surprised by the stacking method used, commenting, ‘Let’s be real I NEVER thought my bag got special treatment based on the condition it always came out in.’ Others were shocked by how careful the worker in the video was and noted, ‘Honestly, that’s a lot more gentle than I thought you guys were.’


On top of comments about the condition bags are returned in, there were also discussions about how planes operated. Some wondered what planes did with pets, and others came to the stark realisation that bags are not magically transported to foreign countries.

The video showing the reality of bag transportation has already racked up millions of views, revealing it’s not just Tetris players interested in how to stack certain objects.

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TikTok/ @clt_vip
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