Alan Carr Went To Halloween Party Dressed As Gemma Collins

by : Francesca Donovan on : 01 Nov 2017 09:14
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Halloween has come and gone for another year, and all that’s left is you faux blood-stained bathroom and all the Instagram posts.


So, as we mourn the passing of this annual pagan ritual in 2017, let’s take some time to remember the celebrities that ‘did it better’ than all of us, who cobbled together a pair of bat wings from the literal rubbish in our apartments.

Take Alan Carr, for example. The chatty man dressed up as TOWIE‘s very own Gemma Collins for Jonathan Ross’ annual Halloween C-List star-studded party.


Now, GC has given us many memorable moments in the past few months, falling off stages perfectly in time to the Titanic theme song and proudly donning a mesh swimsuit, waving the flag for plus size fashion.


But Alan chose to depict a truly terrifying fashion crime, memorialised in memes in the most truly 2017 way possible.

Carr rocked up to Ross’ party wearing the peach shoulder-padded dress, supposedly inspired by Lady Gaga, which Gemma wore back in summer.

The bespoke Gerda Truubon dress dazzled observers, with a diamante detailing, perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

Because women can’t have a sense of style without public scrutiny in this day and age, Gemma succumbed to the viral treatment.

The slew of Twitter memes was brutal:


The shoulder pads didn’t get past the fashion police on Twitter, with many comparing the outfit to Adam Sandler’s get-up in Waterboy and claiming GC was the newest quarterback superstar in the NFL.

Well, considering Carr’s costume, you can add him to the list of celebrities who can moonlight on an American football pitch, if they are the standards we’re adhering to.

With a little help from the faux blood and dark eye shadow, Carr has turned himself into a dead-ringer for Collins, the much-beloved reality TV star of The Only Way Is Essex.

It seems GC approves of the parady too, taking to Instagram to say:

Alan Carr I [heart] you this is pure jokes ha ha ha made my night x dressing up as me what an honour

Other Great British personalities were also in attendance and no expense was spared on the rest of the outfits, with Ed Sheeran and his girlfriend rocking up as pimps in pink.


Wearing matching Timberlands and floor-length pink faux fur coats, the pair looked every bit the successful pimp. Ed topped the outfit off with a fedora, a cane and a thick gold chain around his neck.

Holly Willoughby also pulled out all the stops – arriving in her amazing unicorn costume which she had debuted earlier in the day on This Morning.

You can watch her trick her co-workers in the hilarious clip below:


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The party was essentially a Halloween 101 on how to turn out with a little costume preparation.

Saying that, don’t beat yourself up. I’m guessing these guys had bigger budgets than us, and someone to pick up the outfits and take them to the dry-cleaners after they became a drunken bloody mess.

Hopefully next year, Poundland will come through for us.

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