Awesome Photos Imagine What Stormtroopers Get Up To On Their Days Off



What do Star Wars’ stormtroopers do on their days off?

The question on everyone’s lips has now been addressed by photographer Darryll Jones, who has created a series of photos of the Galactic Empire’s elite soldiers casually relaxing.

After moving to London, Jones struggled to capture the stunning landscapes he was used to documenting in South Africa. He found a brilliant way to produce a new line of work though, with these little Star Wars figurines.

All images by Darryll Jones/Rex Shutterstock via The Guardian:

VW beetle riverCrashing into a river
splashTaking a dip.
SpitfireFlying a Spitfire
snowmanMurdering snowmen
scooterWrong scooter, mate.
KiltThey love Scotland, apparently.
guitarJust chilling with a guitar.
decoratingRe-decorating the Death Star.
bobba fettCruising with Boba Fett
Boat lake casualA smart-casual boat trip to the lake.

You can check out more of his amazing work on his Instagram.