American Doctor Praised For Showing People How To Lower Their Medical Bills If They Don’t Have Insurance

by : Daniel Richardson on : 03 May 2021 14:28
American Doctor Praised For Showing People How To Lower Their Medical Bills If They Don't Have Insurancedoctor_jenaynay/TikTok

An American doctor has used social media to reveal how those without insurance can save thousands on their medical bills.

The prospect of not having medical insurance is frightening to many in the US, as it could lead to a huge bill if you fall ill. While there’s no way to avoid a financial exchange for treatment, Dr Jenaya Calderilla is giving useful tips on how to reduce the charges. 


Last month, the licensed physician released a three-part video on how to save on medical bills. The advice has quickly gone viral and Dr Calderilla has continued to offer medical information to her followers. 

Check out the video on saving on medical bills below:


The first tip was asking for an itemised bill. The doctor explained that when you receive an itemised bill it is often cheaper than the original charge. Furthermore, the break down of charges should allow you to assess what is listed against the treatment you received, and enable you to dispute the finer points of the transaction.

To get further help paying medical bills, Dr Calderilla recommended calling the hospital up to discuss a payment plan, although they noted the person on the other end of the phone may not be too helpful.

Fortunately, the doctor also had advice if you are having difficulty sorting out a payment plan. They recommended using FairHealthConsumer.org. By using a CPT code that’s on a medical bill, people can find what the ‘reasonable’ and ‘customary’ price for their treatment should be through the site.


The videos go on to recommend politely calling the issuers of the bill and giving them the ‘reasonable’ and ‘customary’ price listed. This should enable people to have a lower medical bill.

Safe to say, this information has been valuable to people, and the responses have thanked Dr Calderilla for the information. Others noted that the healthcare system in the US should be reformed because of the huge bills people can face. While a national reform of health services is unlikely, many will take these tips with them if they are uninsured and unwell.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Dr Calderilla noted the cost barrier that stops people from getting the treatment they need. She added that she hopes her tips can help people in need, and so far it seems that the videos are doing just that.


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