Americans Are Baffled By How Far People Normally Walk In The UK

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 18 Aug 2021 17:03
Americans Are Baffled By How Far People Normally Walk In The UKPA Images

An American has taken to the internet in confusion over how far Brits ‘really’ walk, starting a debate as to what is considered a short or long journey to take on foot. 

She initiated the debate on Reddit after having listened to an ITV true crime drama, which resulted in them being most shocked – not by any murder, theft or crime – over a Brit’s admission of what they believe constitutes a ‘short walk’.


While the UK is known for its luscious green countryside, meandering hills and scenic routes, she questioned, ‘Do people really walk this much in the UK?’

On the Reddit post, the user (indymom810), described how she was sat listening to the true crime drama when she heard someone on the podcast say, ‘It was a short walk home, about 30 minutes.’

The admission caused severe shock as she went on to say, ‘Is that really considered to be a short walk home?’


The Redditor then detailed how they personally ‘can’t fathom walking that far in the US’, questioning if the information she had heard on the podcast was representative of all other people in the UK.

She clarified in the comments that the question was serious, as ‘most of the US just isn’t set up for walking. No sidewalks, crazy drivers, plus just distance’. The Redditor claimed that because of this, ‘Americans don’t walk’. She explained that where she lives in Indiana ‘there is no mass transit’. While Indianapolis has mass transit, she called it ‘scarce and quite unreliable’, which means that it is best to ‘drive everywhere’.

The Reddit thread has since amassed more than 1,100 likes and 1,100 comments, with other users taking to the comments to express their thoughts on what constitutes a long or short walk. One said, ‘I can’t speak for all people, but I would hate to meet the person to whom a 30-min walk is considered some sort of unusually length trek of incredible proportions. For any normal healthy person it’s about 1.5miles.’


Another commented:

A friend of mine worked out in the states with our company for a few weeks and has said the exact same thing as you. Walking in the US seems absolutely abnormal. He said one time he took a stroll out of his hotel to a supermarket nearby and the cops stopped him to ask if everything was OK.

A third wrote, ‘As a 22 year old Scottish man, my walks home can be anywhere between 30 Mins to an hour and a half, a seven mile walk home isn’t uncommon here also.’


While the internet remains divided, many have noted the difficulty of walking around in the US compared to the UK.

However, unless there’s a nice roast dinner waiting for me at the end of my realistically rainy, muddy and long country walk, then I’m with the US on this one – I’ll hitch a lift in the car.

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