Angelina Jolie’s S&M Video Sparks Illuminati Rumours



A private video of Angelina Jolie that was taken in 1999 has emerged, and sent Illuminati enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Whoever made the dubious video cleverly accompanied it with subtitles so that viewers don’t listen to what Angelina is actually saying.

The word ‘ritual’ is repeatedly inserted into the subtitles where Angelina clearly says no such thing.

I admire the effort they went through though…

The film, which was ‘secretly filmed’, shows Angelina talking to her two close friends about her experience of an Illuminati ritual.

She says:

You’re tied down because you need to like, be able to, like, have something hold you down to keep you still, or like you’ll fight or go absolutely mad

According to the Illuminati ‘experts’, during the ritual you are ‘tied up, sodomised and tortured by other members.’


A quote from the subtitles reads:

“A lot of people misunderstand it [the ritual], maybe with S&M.”

The video also links her tattoos to the cult, saying that they are a method of sacrificing more blood to Satan.


People are inferring that her links to the elusive cult could be a reason for their divorce…or maybe the marriage had just run it’s course like any other divorce.

If you look hard enough, you’ll find what you want.