Anthony Joshua Had The Perfect Response To The Mayweather Challenge


Anthony Joshua has delivered the perfect response to Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram challenge.

Mayweather had recently taken to the ‘Gram to beseech genuine players to prove their worth in a video that is executed like a charity appeal, but really about millionaires being more insufferable.

But you can’t blame the guy. If I had a private jet, I’d get it flown to my local never mind Las Vegas.

Anthony Joshua‘s take is a bit more humble…

Last month, the British boxer announced he wanted a spo on the undercard for the then-yet to be confirmed McGregor/Mayweather fight set to take place on August 26.

Stipe Miocic, seeing this, decided to then call out AJ for another boxing vs MMA bout before the 154lbs main event.

The IBF and WBA heavyweight champion didn’t even consider the fucking thing, though, commenting on a picture saying: “Who the fuck is that guy?”

McGregor had previously used the put-down to silence Jeremy Stephens at the press conference for UFC 205 when he was gearing up to face Eddie Alvarez.

AJ had previously said:

Get me on the undercard. That’s legendary shit. That fight will go down in history.


Micioc, a former fireman, offered him out, saying:

Me against Joshua would be a great fight. I think I’d surprise a lot of people, I think it’d be an amazing fight – let’s do it! He’s a great guy.

He’s tough, he’s a champion for a reason. I think I’d give him a run for his money.

Joshua was also called out by 37-year-old Brazilian MMA fighter Glover Teixeira whose recent operation has ruled him out of meeting the undercard – not like he ever was going to.