Anti-Vaxxers Are Calling Themselves ‘Pure Blood’ On TikTok

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 16 Sep 2021 09:41
Anti-Vaxxers Are Calling Themselves ‘Pure Blood’ On TikTok@pb_lyndsey00marie/TikTok/Warner Bros.

A controversial new trend has sprung up on TikTok in which anti-vaxxers now refer to themselves as ‘pure blood’.

A string of TikTok videos shows anti-vaxxers announcing they will no longer comply with being identified as ‘unvaccinated’, and have instead chosen a new mode of address.


‘Pure blood’, a Harry Potter reference that applies to wizards and witches who have no Muggle (aka human) blood, also has historic ties with one of the world’s most evil dictators, Adolf Hitler, in his quest for blood purity.

These ‘pure blood’ TikToks all follow a similar structure. The backing track of Sunset Original plays as the TikToker in question looks away from the camera then states something along the lines of, ‘Instead of going by the ‘unvaccinated’, we will now go by…’ The text then changes as the TikToker looks toward the camera and ends the short clip with, ‘The pure bloods’.


While it’s unclear who originally started the controversial trend, or whether they are meant to be serious or comedic, but the clips are definitely causing a stir online.

The trend has sparked a whole host of reaction videos and seen comment sections inundated with various responses.

One person commented, ‘Funny thing is, most of the pure bloods from Harry Potter were selfish and did only things that benefitted them. Crazy similarity to the Covid pure blood.’

Another chimed in, ‘That doesn’t sound white-supremisty at all.’


One TikTok user, @goodtrouble_, duetted one of the original ‘pure blood’ clips, which has since been taken down, saying, ‘So first you were comparing yourselves to the Jews and the Holocaust, and now you’re the Nazis?’

The TikToker ended the clip with, ‘Pick a f*cking lane.’


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