Are These The Most Offensive ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Answers Possible?

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Jan 2016 17:16
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Cards Against Humanity is a game that challenges players to be offensive but these answers may be some of the worst we’ve ever seen. 


The incredibly dark and immensely funny game is a brilliant laugh but, just in case you weren’t playing it over Christmas, we’ll explain the rules. Basically, the game tasks players to try and pair cards to create the most politically incorrect answers possible – the more offensive the better.

The game’s great fun but maybe don’t play it with your nan, she might not appreciate it.

Ranker.com have collected an amazing 51 of the most offensive card combinations in the game but here’s a few of our favourites.

These are pretty offensive, you have been warned.


We can relate to this one a bit too much…

cards 1cards 1Ranker.com

Poor Sir Ian Mckellan…

cards 2cards 2Ranker.com

Fucking brutal:

cards 3cards 3Ranker.com

Another one we relate to a bit too much…

cards 4cards 4Ranker.com

This ones as dark as the night:

cards 5cards 5Ranker.com

It’s immature but we laughed…

cards 6cards 6Ranker.com

Well, they’re technically not wrong…


Haha, clever:

card 10card 10Ranker.com

Woah! Maybe a bit too far?

card 11card 11Ranker.com

Maybe he’s been taking lessons from Krampus?

card 12card 12Ranker.com

The lucky girl!

card 13card 13Ranker.com

Good Lord…

card 14card 14Ranker.com

Scarred for life…

cards 7cards 7Ranker.com

We love this one:

cards 8cards 8Ranker.com

Get on it Marvel!

cards 9cards 9Ranker.com

Can you imagine such a thing?

cards 15cards 15Ranker.com

Sorry ‘Murica.


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