Audi Driver Swerves Towards Puddle To Splash Woman On Pavement

Audi Driver Swerves Towards Puddle To Splash Woman On PavementDeadline News

Ever wondered why everyone hates Audi drivers?

Well, this video of a dickhead driver deliberately going out of their way to splash a pedestrian might go some way towards explaining why.

Yep, an Audi driver was caught on camera meandering onto the complete wrong side of the road, purely for the sake of soaking a poor woman walking past.

The incident was captured on the dashboard cam of a car behind the Audi driver In the Tithe Barn area of Stafford.

You can watch the almighty splashing here:

The driver can be seen weaving in and out of road works before going on to the complete wrong side the road to commit the offence.

The poor pedestrian, who was merely minding her own business as she walked down the street, was no doubt left absolutely drenched from the roadside puddle.

Fortunately, our faith in humanity is ever so slightly restored when the driver recording the offence appears to pull over and check she’s okay.

While splashing someone might seem like a bit of ‘bants’ to some people, it’s actually an act of ‘careless and offensive driving’ according to the Road Traffic Act 1998. A fine of £5,000 is possible when anyone uses ‘mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place.’

Audi Driver Swerves Towards Puddle To Splash Woman On PavementDeadline News

For the most part the fine is likely to be just £100 and three points on your licence, unless the act was ‘a clear act of incompetence, selfishness, impatience or aggressiveness,’ which I think we can all agree this fits the bill.

The whole video was then shared to a Facebook group called Staffordshire Tactical Information Group.

The driver captioned it:

Audi Reg ******* who decided to drive aggressively onto the wrong side of Tithe Barn Road today to splash a lady, your details and this footage has now been passed onto the police!

Enjoy your three points and a fine!

I stopped to check on the lady who was very shaken!

Audi Driver Swerves Towards Puddle To Splash Woman On PavementDeadline News

The post has since been updated to say the police have been in touch with the driver. They added: ‘Police have been in touch with the poster requesting the full unedited version. The guy can look forward to a nice fine and points!’

Staffordshire Police confirmed they are investigating the incident in a statement which read:

We have received a copy of dash-cam footage relating to an incident on Tithe Barn Road in Stafford, reported on Friday 11 October.

We are currently investigating if a road traffic offence took place and making contact with the registered keeper of the vehicle involved.

Any witnesses can contact 101, quoting incident number 577 of 11 October.

I think it’s fair to say this is lesson 101 on how not to drive like a dickhead.

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