Australia’s Play School Teaches Kids To Make A Bong



Play School hosts Alex Papps and Rachael Coopes have raised a few eyebrows after making a suspicious as fuck kids toy during arts and craft time. A case of the munchies has never looked so innocent. 

In the segment you can see Alex fiddling with a straw and inserting it into a plastic bottle. Rachael eagerly waits to pour in the water.

“OK, time for an ABC inquiry. They’re making bongs on Play School,” an Imgur user wrote.

A redditor has made the astute observation on Play School’s market segments. “The two main groups of people watching would be preschool children and unemployed stoners. They’re targeting their audience.” Yeah nah could be spot on. Laser targeted marketing to say the least.

Others have poked fun at the theme song: “There’s a cone in there…and some hash as well…and pizzas to order!”

Here’s a video of this marvellous moment in time:

Next week the team will show ya how to roll the perfect fucken joint!

Rock ‘n’ roll, Play School, rock ‘n’ roll.