Baffled Driver In Las Vegas Tries To Fill Up His Tesla With Petrol Before Realising It’s An Electric Car

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Baffled Driver In Las Vegas Tries To Fill Up His Tesla With Petrol Before Realising It's An Electric CarJustin Flom/Facebook

A driver was left baffled as he tried desperately to fill up his Tesla with petrol before realising it’s an electric car. 

I’m not a car person, but even I know Tesla’s whole thing is electric cars, so it seems inconceivable to imagine someone actually driving one wouldn’t know that.


Still, we should know to expect the unexpected these days, as this particular Tesla driver in Las Vegas has made clear.

Check out the video below:

he tried to put GAS in his TESLA 🤣

he tried to put GAS in his TESLA 🤣

Posted by Justin Flom on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Footage shared on Facebook by magician Justin Flom shows a sleek, black, Model 3 Tesla parked up alongside a petrol pump at a station, where the driver got out and disposed of some rubbish from his car.


Behind the camera, Flom could be heard commenting on the absurdity of the scene, saying: ‘This guy got a Tesla, at a gas station?’

Flom and another onlooker speculated whether the driver was just throwing something away, but it soon became clear that the man was indeed attempting to put petrol in the electric car.

Tesla driver attempts to put petrol pump in TeslaJustin Flom/Facebook

The driver popped open the cap that conceals the charging socket and put his credit card into the reader at the pump, evidently more than willing to throw away money on gas that would have no impact whatsoever on the running of his car – in fact would more likely damage it.


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Before long, the driver was ready to get down to business and he picked up the pump, ready to insert it into what he assumed was the petrol tank. He did a double take as he realised the nozzle didn’t fit and went back into the car to open the boot, though it’s not clear exactly what enlightenment he was hoping to find in there.

The bemused onlookers pointed out the car didn’t have license plates yet, indicating it was a new car and therefore suggesting this was the first time the driver had attempted to give it some juice, but you’d think he’d at least have had some inkling the Tesla was electric.

Tesla driver confused trying to put petrol pump in TeslaJustin Flom/Facebook

The confused driver eventually turned to Google to find the answers, and thanks to the power of the internet he soon learned his mistake. Realising what he’d done, the man could be seen yelling: ‘F*ck!’, before getting back into the electric car and driving away.


Flom’s video has racked up tens of thousands of reactions at the time of writing, July 18, with countless Facebook users commenting on the unfortunate situation.

At least the driver will have learned from his mistake; here’s hoping he doesn’t return to any petrol pumps any time soon.

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Justin Flom/Facebook
  1. Justin Flom/Facebook