Barber Uses Extremely Dangerous Method To Cut Hair

by : Daniel Richardson on : 05 Jun 2021 18:49
Barber Uses Extremely Dangerous Method To Cut Hair TikTok/Barbersking and YouTube/ABC 10 News

A new technique of cutting hair is becoming popular, and it requires plenty of fire. 

When most people get their haircut, they are hoping for a relaxing experience. Nonetheless, a trend is developing of setting people’s hair on fire as a way to cut it.


The process does look risky, and it seems it is only designed for those with a fair amount of hair.

Check out footage of the unique haircut below:


ABC News has reported that the method of cutting hair has become increasingly popular in India, Pakistan and England. As the TikTok video shows, the process is relatively simple, with the hair being covered in chemicals before being set on fire.

TikTok user @barbersking has managed to obtain more than 800,000 followers by demonstrating his hairdressing and pyrotechnic skills. Many have applauded his unique method of cutting hair, but some have been slightly worried by the flames.

A commenter wrote on one video, ‘If anxiety was a video.’ Others asked the user whether there was any benefit or a particular point to using fire on hair, but the content creator appears to keep tight-lipped on the benefits of setting someone’s hair ablaze.

There are also plenty of questions about how the cut can be done safely. Once again, the poster hasn’t been too forthcoming with answers, but it goes without saying that this isn’t something that should be tried at home.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Barbersking and YouTube/ABC 10 News

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