Bee Almost Dies After Falling Into Honey, Fellow Bees Come Out To Help Her

by : UNILAD on : 30 Aug 2018 19:16

Wow. This is the incredible, jaw-dropping moment a bunch of bees grouped together to help a friend in need.


Captured in Covert Township in Michigan, USA, Peter Walkosz was stunned to find the little critters demonstrating the greatest side of the animal kingdom.

Us mortals may slate bees as a nuisance. We may attempt to kill them if they fly around our barbecues. Cold blood. No quarel.

But maybe we should be taking on board their morals, their insatiable appetite for solidarity.

God knows we could use some of this right now:


Peter wrote:

We are bee keepers in small town in South West Michigan. Our small farm is located within a blueberry field where bees have lots of flower to pollinate. They produce amazing honey from blueberries in the spring time that has rich dark color.

A couple weeks ago while I was harvesting honey, one poor bee fell into honey extractor and I could not let this hard working girl die. I rescued her and put her by the hive entry, knowing that her sisters would help her.

He added:

I ran to grab my phone and decided to capture this amazing scene of how they clean and help her. Unfortunately my phone wasn’t fully charged and I wasn’t able to record whole process and ending, it took approximately 30 minutes for them to clean her and at the end she flew away.

There are at least 1,500 species of insect pollinators in the UK, the WWF writes. No, not the old WWE.

‘Including the honey bee that normally lives in hives managed by beekeepers. Others, like many species of bumblebees, solitary bees, moths, butterflies and hoverflies live in the wild,’ they say. ‘They all play a critical role in healthy ecosystems, and they are essential for our food production. More than three quarters of the world’s food crops are in part dependent on pollination.’


Still, pollinators are dying. The IUCN European Red List of Threatened Species showed that as many as 24 per cent of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction.

The WWF continue:

A tired bee really does like a tiny hit of sugar (never honey!) Make a mix of two teaspoons of white granulated sugar with one teaspoon of water and put it on a plate or drip it on the flower, to revive a tired bee. Make sure to always use white granulated rather than other sugar. Sometimes when bee lies on the ground and doesn’t move, it might be just resting, so after you’ve given it some sugary water, just simply let it be.

If you’re into animals doing really sweet things, and honestly who doesn’t, you’ll love the footage conservationists at Ape Action Africa recorded. Bobo, a western lowland gorilla, and the alpha male of his group, showed his tender caring side cradling a wild bushbaby.

Melts your heart, doesn’t it.

But the bees deserve better. Do your thing. Play your part. Dare to dream and dream big.

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