Belle Delphine Banned From Instagram For ‘Breaching Community Guidelines’

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 19 Jul 2019 11:13
belle delphine banned from instagrambelle delphine banned from instagramBelle Delphine/Instagram

Belle Delphine, the 19-year-old who recently made headlines for selling her bathwater, has now reportedly been banned from Instagram for ‘breaching community guidelines’.


Delphine, who had 4.5 million followers on the social media site, shot to internet fame this year thanks largely to her bathwater stunt, while also tricking fans into thinking she was going to make porn for Pornhub.

The cos-player and self-professed ‘gamer girl’ used to regularly post risque gaming and anime-themed photos, as well as selling various products on her online store.

However, it seems Belle’s recent stunts haven’t had such a welcome reaction from everyone, as some users reported her account for breaching community guidelines.


As such, the 19-year-old’s account has now been deactivated, with a ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available’ message appearing in its place.

belle delphine removed from instagrambelle delphine removed from instagramInstagram

Screenshots posted to Instagram show users reporting the belle.delphine account ‘for nudity or pornography’.

The response from Instagram reads:

We have taken belle.delphine’s account down.

Thanks for reporting this account. We’ve removed it from Instagram because it violated our Community Guidelines. Your feedback is important in helping us keep the Instagram community safe.

It’s not yet clear whether Belle’s ban is temporary or permanent. If it’s the latter, she may be able to appeal the decision and regain access to her account – and 4.5 million followers.

A fan account responded to Delphine’s closure on Twitter, saying: ‘Wait… @bunnydelphine Instagram is GONE?!!!!!’


While many people seemed happy at the fact Belle’s account was suspended, replying with comments such as ‘at last’, ‘finally’, and ‘that’s what you get man deal with it’, others were quick to defend the 19-year-old.

As one person wrote:

I fr dont understand why people hate on her so much. Who fucking cares if she shows her body and makes money off that. It shouldn’t matter. She can do what she wants with her body. People calling her a thot n a slut like wtf. Just let her do her thing

While Delphine’s Instagram account was full of NSFW images, which she used to promote her Patreon page, they reportedly never showed any actual nudity. It seems, however, the material was sensitive enough to breach Instagram’s guidelines, resulting in the social media site deactivating her account.

At the time of writing, Belle Delphine’s other social media accounts – such as her Twitter and YouTube channel – remain active.

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