Beyonce Releases Nude Pictues And Kim Kardashian Fans Are Fuming

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Queen Bey herself has released a series of nude photos which have left fans of Kim Kardashian fuming.

Reality television star Kardashian is a selfie queen who regularly posts photos of herself naked on her various social media accounts.

Online trolls are attracted to these posts like moths to a light filling the comments with hate and criticism.

KKW BODY 4.30 by Vanessa Beecroft #KKWFRAGRANCE

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The fact Kardashian is so regularly trolled is both shocking and awful, especially since it’s her right to be allowed to post whatever photos she wants to her Instagram, within the user guidelines, of course.

Her fans continually emphasise this and determined to stand by Kim have now picked up on singer Beyonce‘s nude pictures.

The images, which appear in a book which will accompany her On The Run II Tour, were leaked by fans on social media a couple of days ago.

They show Beyonce standing naked in the sea and her cuddling up to rapper husband Jay Z in bed wearing only a thong:

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As can be expected, fans of Queen B were sharing the photos using hashtags including ‘body goals’ and ‘girl power’.

However, people on the internet can’t resist stirring up some drama and so pitted Beyonce and Kardashian against each other.

Fans of Kardashian took to Twitter claiming that while their idol is widely criticised for her naked photos, Beyonce avoids the trolls and is instead applauded.

One user wrote:

Beyoncé dropped nudes, no one is talking about how she’s got three kids and should dress decently but y’all be quick to go off when it’s Kim, f*ck y’all double standard asses.

Another fan tweeted:

A naked Beyoncé is sexy but a naked Kim is immoral. They’re both married with three kids.

Jay was also left unimpressed writing:

How come I don’t hear the same outrage towards Beyonce that I hear when y’all attack Kim Kardashian for posing naked?

Kim post a nude and y’all throw a fit and call her every name under the son. Beyonce pose nude and it’s ‘goals’.

Some Beyonce fans meanwhile tried to claim the circumstances are different for the two stars meaning they understand why Kim receives so much hate yet Beyonce doesn’t.

One user commented on Instagram:

The difference between Kim and Beyonce is that Kim does it for attention. Beyonce is doing it with her husband showing off their love and how strong they are now together.

That’s the difference. She’s not desperate to stay relevant like Kim. Like she doesn’t need to she has actual talent.

Of course the circumstances aren’t different and it is not fair for any woman or man to receive hate and criticism for a nude photo they willingly shared.

Both Kim, Beyonce and every other individual can do what they wish with their bodies and so it’s their right to choose whether nude photos go online or not.

Can we not just celebrate female empowerment and beauty without trolling and pitting women up against each other in online arguments? Come on world, it’s 2018!

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