‘Big Booty’ Experiment Gets Disturbing Reaction From The Public

Woman-wears-very-short-shorts-in-London-park-to-see-how-people-react (1)Immature Life/YouTube

When a group of YouTubers wanted to see how members of the public would react to a woman walking through a park in hot pants, they couldn’t have imagined what would happen.

Kaysheen Whiteley casually strolled past unsuspecting people soaking up the sun in London’s Hyde park while wearing tight shorts. Little did the members of the public know, it was all part of YouTube pranksters Immature life’s latest video called ‘Big Booty Bait in Public Prank’.

Woman-wears-very-short-shorts-in-London-park-to-see-how-people-react (3)Immature Life/YouTube

A number of men watched the 24-year-old walk past. One guy distracted so much that he fell off his scooter and another got himself in big trouble with his girlfriend, who clearly wasn’t impressed by his wondering eyes.

Woman-wears-very-short-shorts-in-London-park-to-see-how-people-reactImmature Life/YouTube

However, it wasn’t long before the whole thing got pretty disturbing.

A number of people appeared to take pictures or videos of the woman as she walked past, without her consent. Wait, it gets darker.

One man sitting on a bench appeared to snap pictures of the woman and then began rubbing his crotch in public.

Witness it for yourself…

This kind of behaviour is seriously wrong.