Bigfoot Spotted In Idaho Has People Thinking It Could Be Real

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Sep 2021 09:56
Bigfoot Spotted In Idaho Has People Thinking It Could Be RealNv Tv/YouTube

Social media users are divided over a video which claims to show an ‘incredible muscular giant-sized sasquatch’ walking through the trees in the United States.

Speculation about the existence of ‘bigfoot’ or a ‘sasquatch’ has been around for decades, with the mysterious creature keeping company with the likes of the Loch Ness Monster as rumours about its existence are propelled by claims of sightings and old folk stories.


There are many images out there that aim to prove the giant, two-legged monster walks the Earth, with some showing footprints too large to belong to a human while others circle shadowy figures in the woods, but recent footage filmed in Idaho, USA and shared on the YouTube channel Nv Tv could be the most convincing of all.

Footage claims to show bigfoot (Nv Tv/YouTube)Nv Tv/YouTube

The clip is only a few seconds long, but appears to show a huge, dark creature walking through a wooded area. The video questions whether it could be a man in a suit, but notes that after ‘looking at the amount of detail in this “suit” [Nv Tv] thought this is not something you can buy online’.

The video continues: ‘The bigfoot in this video looks very real and you can even make out the heavy build and all the muscles which is hard to replicate using a fake suit… Plus who in their right mind would rent or buy a suit just to pull off a hoax?’


Viewers are encouraged to ‘check it out for yourself and decide’, with commenters split in their opinions over whether the footage could really show a so-called ‘Sasquatch’.

See the footage below:

One person commented: ‘This footage looks legit. I’d be curious about the person who sent in the video and vet them.’


Another wrote: ‘I really wanna say it’s someone in a suit but when you really analyze everything it’s really hard too say it’s someone in a suit. This actually looks pretty freakin legit!! Wish there was more to the video though!’

A number of social media users have questioned why the clip is only a few seconds long, with one writing: ‘While it looks good, you can’t ignore the fact that we aren’t being shown the whole video. Until we are shown the actual footage you can’t help but have doubts.’

Footage claims to show bigfoot (Nv Tv/YouTube)Nv Tv/YouTube

After the clip, Nv Tv explain they are not sure why the video is only a few seconds long, only that it was ‘sent to [them] this way’. The posters also note that what some may consider ‘fake’ can still be ‘real’ to other people.


So, what do you think?

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