Biker Jailed After Filming Himself Speeding At Almost 200mph

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A truly feckless biker has been jailed after filming himself speeding at almost 200 miles per hour. 


It is believed to be the highest speed reached by a motorbike on British roads.

26-year-old Adam Campion is seen popping wheelies and swirling in and out of traffic in frankly chilling footage.

Campion gleefully drives on the wrong side of the road during his spin, cutting red light after red light.

The video was discovered on his laptop.


At one stage of the footage, Campion uses one hand to steer while using the other to film himself on a phone.

The previous record-holder for the fastest speeding motorist Britain has ever seen was a man by the name of Tim Brady, from Harrow, north-west London. He achieved a whopping 172mph in his Porsche.

Campion, from Hucknall in Ashfield, was put away for 21 months at Nottingham Crown Court Wednesday after pleading guilty to five counts of dangerous driving, according to MailOnline.

Police discovered the shocking video when they undertook a warrant at Campion’s address and recovered his laptop in September 2016.


It contained hundreds of videos and pictures of motorcycles being driven wildly.

Inspector Glenn Longden, of Nottinghamshire Police, said after the case:


The illegal and dangerous use of motorcycles is a massive issue to our communities and although this investigation was immensely complex and time consuming, the result in court has been satisfying.

I hope this prison sentence will make those who think it is acceptable to put themselves and others in danger by driving dangerously think twice.

Earlier this month 38-year-old Richard Allen ploughed into an elderly lady in a horrifying hit and run.

Labourer Allen had zipped through the town centre’s 30mph zone prior to the horrific crash. Spectators described seeing him overtaking traffic past a pedestrian crossing shortly before his collision with the 71-year-old woman.

The woman was flung in the air, suffering numerous injuries and fractures, including a broken hip. She is yet to fully recover.

Allen looked back at the woman lying in the street but decided to continue driving away from the scene, eventually leaving his bike at a mechanic’s garage nearby his home.

Unlucky for him, an eye-witness jotted down the Honda CBR’s registration number and alerted the police.

By 1pm a sniffer dog had tracked him from his home address in Chantry Avenue, Walsall, to where he was found hiding.

Following a four-day trial he was found unanimously guilty of causing serious injury through dangerous driving. Last Thursday, July 12, Allen was jailed for four-and-a-half years at Birmingham Crown Court and banned from driving for a decade.

Richard AllenRichard AllenPA

Detective Constable Karl Davies, from West Midlands Police’s Collision Investigation Unit, said as per the Metro:


Richard Allen was a disqualified driver who shouldn’t have even been on the road, let alone driving in such a dangerous manner.

The judge described him as “a menace to decent law-abiding road users” and he left his victim lying in the road having suffered very serious injuries and multiple fractures.

He didn’t check on her or try to get her medical attention, Allen was only interested in himself, fleeing the scene and trying to cover his tracks.

The moral of the story, kids? Don’t be a total f***ing d***head on the road.

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