Birthday Party For A Pothole Is Most British Protest In History

by : UNILAD on : 25 Mar 2017 17:08

A birthday celebration for a pothole is not only a completely bizarre idea, but it also sums up British humour perfectly…

You’re not tripping out and no I haven’t taken anything, people are actually celebrating the birthday of a pothole and it’s both weird and hilarious in equal measures. In news seemingly from a parallel universe, a pothole on a Nottingham road has just had its second birthday and it’s possibly the most perfectly British protest on record.


There have been some pretty major events in the timeline of British history, but this one seems to really encapsulate the British sarcastic humour, down to a tee. There are huge things going in the world, bombs in Syria, Brexit, a potential departure from Scotland, but no, the British public are up in arms about a pothole.

The people on Main Road in Plumtree, decided to mark the pothole’s second birthday in the most brilliantly ironic way they could… And there’s no better way of doing it than with the classic caterpillar birthday cake.

Of course, for the people of Plumtree, this is no laughing matter and the innocent chocolate cake represents a real sense of irony and deep-seated annoyance, the pot hole is still there, two years after it first emerged.


Vonnie Daykin explained to the Nottingham Post:

I nearly put three candles on but I thought that might be pushing it.

It’s dangerous for people who drive, and who cycle, because if you come to a pothole you have to swerve out in to the road which makes it unsafe for everyone.
I last complained back in September or October time last year and they came and said they weren’t bad enough to fix.


Looks like their tongue in cheek message, got a satisfying response though, as the council have now agreed to take a look at the offending pothole and prevent it from reaching its third birthday.


Offering a hilarious response, they tweeted:

 Happy Birthday would be appropriate in this case.

It might seem there are plenty more things out there to get angry about, which is what makes this so brilliantly British.

Add in there a nice slice of irony and a decent brew and you’ve got the perfect British protest.


Oh the Brits, never cease to entertain.

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