Bizarre Car Park Crash Completely Divides The Internet

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jul 2018 18:56
Parking accident in school parking lot in Perth AustraliaParking accident in school parking lot in Perth AustraliaMark Warner/Facebook

Some people would argue driving is a privilege, not a right. If that’s the case, these two motorists in a parking lot in Perth, Australia, should have their’s revoked, after they nearly crashed into each other.


You’ve heard the expression ‘couldn’t hit a parked car’, usually reserved for someone – or something – of serve ineptitude, well this is the total opposite. Footage was uploaded last week (Thursday, July 5) of two cars nearly crashing into each other in a school parking lot.

Since going viral on Facebook a debate has risen as to which driver was in the wrong.

It’s probably the most exciting debate for car insurance companies across the world as they try and figure out if either the driver in the white Ford or the SUV was the one responsible for the near collision which occurred on April 12 this year.


The video was uploaded to a Facebook group, ‘PERTH’S WORST DRIVERS’, by former fire and safety officer Mark Warner. He told UNILAD he recorded the video during a drop off at a local school in Perth.

The video shows the white ford reversing out of a parking spot at an awkward angle while a dark coloured SUV is reverse parking in the spot next to it.

parking collision in Perth Australiaparking collision in Perth AustraliaMark Warner/Facebook

Both are trying to park at the same time which leads to a collision between both cars, with the front bumper of the white ford hitting the door of the black SUV.

People on Facebook have been debating which driver at fault. Carly Turner sided with the SUV, claiming:

The dark car was already moving into the bay. White car clearly never looked or used mirrors.

parking collision in Perth, Australiaparking collision in Perth, AustraliaMark Warner/Facebook

Sam Pang agreed with Carly, who felt the:


White car driver [was] clearly at fault for proceeding without giving way and also crossing the line. If white car reverses not like an idiot there would be no collision

However, Jack Gibney saw it the other way around, stating it’s the:

Perfect reason why the dude in the suv should have picked the next empty spot!

Amazingly, some comments did try to suggest their was a flawed logic from the SUV in reverse parking.

Others felt both drivers were a fault for the comedy collision, with one person comparing the incident to a circus act.

I would say at this point, in the UK at least, reverse bay parking is part of learning to drive – and perhaps had the white car also reversed into the space they’d have come out nose first and spotted the situation which unfolded.

Road rageRoad rage

Philip Honey wrote:

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the insurance companies tried to go 50/50 to be honest. Both could’ve possibly stopped and could’ve possibly been more observant to other vehicles moving. Reversing to insurance companies is a whole new kettle of fish.

Not necessarily the case here…but People hardly look around now when reversing… and 100% rely on cameras and sensors instead. Sometimes it’s an accident just waiting to happen.

Road rageRoad rage

Wayneo Worrallo simply left a comment which read:


50/50 both clowns … they should open a circus !

While it is a comical incident, let’s just be thankful no one was seriously hurt. If you think self-driving cars is the answer to eliminating vehicle-related accidents, you couldn’t be more wrong.

On March 19 a self-driving Uber car killed a woman in Arizona. State police labelled it the first reported fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian in the US, according to The Guardian.

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