Black Woman From Florida Called ‘Good Little Slave’ By Stranger For Wearing A Mask

by : Julia Banim on : 11 Jul 2020 16:55
Black Woman From Florida Called 'Good Little Slave' By Stranger For Wearing A MaskBlack Woman From Florida Called 'Good Little Slave' By Stranger For Wearing A Maskthis.is.meg2/Instagram

A Black woman from Florida has been referred to as a ‘good little slave’ by a stranger for wearing a protective mask while out in public.


The woman, whose name is Meg Charleton, uploaded footage to Twitter that showed the fallout of the incident, which took place in New Port Richey, in Pasco County. She had been waiting for a bus at the time.

Although we don’t see how the altercation began, we do see Meg ask the woman in disbelief to confirm whether or not she had just referred to her as a ‘good little slave’. The unnamed woman affirmed, ‘You’re wearing a mask like all the rest of the slaves out there.’

The video begins with Meg stating:


You just told me, ‘Be a good little slave.’ You’re telling me, a woman of colour, to be a good little slave?

The woman, who had her young children by her side at the time, responded:

I’m a woman of colour too. I’m a Mexican woman of colour.

Meg told the woman that it didn’t matter, emphasising that what she had said was still extremely offensive. However, the woman appeared unperturbed, and seemed to think that what she had said didn’t matter as ‘we’re all human, there’s no such thing as a different race’.

The video concludes with the two women boarding the bus, with Meg sarcastically remarking, ‘Good example for your children.’

Sharing the post to Facebook, Meg wrote:

Some f*cking #Karen standing with her three children just told me to be a good little slave while I was getting on the bus! Because I put a mask on! Seriously what in the actual f*ck.

[…] Yo I am so f*cking done. And I don’t give a f*ck in what connotation she was using the word slave. You do not tell people of color to ‘be a good little slave’. She could’ve used any other word. Sheep, follower anything. But slave.


Citizens of Pasco County have been required to use ‘face coverings while indoors at a public business or county government facility’ following an executive order given in June by Pasco County Administrator Dan Biles.

Meg had simply been following guidelines set out to protect her health, and the health of those around her when she was forced to endure such shockingly offensive insults.

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