Blake Lively’s Deadpool Premiere Dress Was Covered In Hidden Messages

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As Steve Martin once said, ‘It is not easy to keep a marriage together in Hollywood because, well, we sleep with so many different people.’ But this doesn’t apply to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who seem to go from strength-to-strength while still indulging the chaotic goings-on of Tinsel Town. Score!

But seriously they do. And good for them for showing it now and again.

Take the Deadpool 2 premiere, for example.

Here’s Blake Lively dressing to the nines while also making her family a part of it:

So what do we have here? For starters, her clutch bag was a replica of the cassette tape form the movie. Her nail art, too, was dedicated to Reynolds, who she married in 2012 and has two children with – James and Ines.

Lively also wore a ring shaped like the fist of Colossus – the antagonist of Deadpool 2.

She said of the public’s perception of her marriage last year in Elite Daily:

It’s nonsense. It simplifies people. Not all men, but a subsection of men, have a desire to understand and control women. To do that, you have to paint them into this thing you can wrap your head around. But women are complex. It also is [a reminder] that what you see in the media is not real life.

The night before an interview, I have complete anxiety: How is this person going to spin me? So when you read, ‘Oh, she’s got a perfect life,’ or ‘Her life is crumbling’ — they pick narratives for everyone. And the narratives stick.

…Who wore it better?

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She added:

My husband and I are really shy people who express ourselves best when we’re acting, when we’re hiding as someone else. So the fact that very shy people have to share that shy person with the world — and are sometimes hurt by it — it’s very weird emotionally. Anyway, champagne problems.

The 30-year-old actor also made a tribute to her family at the Met Gala with the help of a decked-out clutch.

This jewel encrusted Judith Leiber Seamless Sacred Heart clutch was custom made and deeply personal; decorated with a Reynolds family crest which was encircled with four letters: B, R, J and I.

Take your family to work day…

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The B and R refer to Blake and Reynolds, while the J and I are a nod to James and Ines.

It was Blake’s ninth time at the Met Gala.

She told Women’s Wear Daily:

I just sent Lorraine Schwartz and Christian Louboutin my dress, and said, ‘Ok let’s do something special.’

They’re making something custom for it. So it’s kind of nice, because I have a bunch of artists around me who I have direct relationships with. It’s sort of a group effort with that.

I rely on people who do that for a living rather than outsourcing it to someone else.

Here’s hoping these two continue to have a great 2018. And by that I mean keep up the Twitter banter. We all love it.

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