Blanket Jumpers Now Exist For People Who Are Always Cold


Good news if you’re on the lookout for a practical snug companion for winter. 

Check out the Original Comfy, which is sure to sell by the bucket load this upcoming festive season.

It comes with extra large sleeves, a giant hood and a spacious front pocket to boot.

Essentially a hybrid of a dressing gown, a blanket and perhaps even a Liam Gallagher-style anorak, this cosy product will keep you not only warm, but stylish.

This Jumper Is A Blanket You Can Wear

This jumper is a blanket you can wear! Know anyone who'd love this? 😍👇

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, 24 September 2018

The product description writes:

The cosiness of a blanket with the fit of your favourite sweatshirt is here.

Pull arms and legs into the soft, fluffy Sherpa. Doesn’t slip, slide off or drag on the floor and covers you completely and you can still use your hands. Roll the sleeves up, or pull your hands in completely and still stay warm.

The design is made of both fluffy sherpa and fleece and is reversible. Amazon is flogging them for £44.99 each. They come in grey, pink, blue and black. As for that front pocket… why not stick some novelty Barratt sweets?

That’s right baby, a big tub of the stuff including a horde old favourites will be here just in time for Christmas.

Barratt boxBarratt

The special Barratt Tub has a recommended retail price of just £4 for 750g and includes everything you need to make you feel pogged come December 25th.

Fancy some sherbet Dip Dabs, Refreshers, Fruit Salad, Black Jacks, and mini bags of Milk Bottles, Shrimps and Bananas? Get your laughing gear around THAT!

The tub will go on sale in Sainsbury’s and Wilko, among others which are yet to be announced. Barratt claims all the new tubs will be ‘available soon though an exact date isn’t currently known. Can you say ‘excited’?

Russell Tanner, marketing and category director at Tangerine Confectionery, said:

Many consumers will be eager to indulge in the sweets they loved when they were younger, and introduce their favourites to their own children.

We expect the Barratt tubs to fly off shelves this year, offering a great selection of retro classics, suitable for confectionery lovers of all ages.

Two of the biggest Barratt brands – Wham and Fruit Salad – are being launched in a new tube format and will set shoppers back by a charming little quid.

Both tubes will be on shelves at Home Bargains and Wilko.

And the Liquorice Novelties box (RRP £3.49, 270g) is back by popular demand. Each piece of liquorice is handcrafted at Tangerine’s Pontefract factory, and it was the sweet company’s second bestselling sharing product last year.

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