Boris Johnson Mocked After Saying Glasgow’s COP26 Took Place Somewhere Entirely Different

by : Emily Brown on : 15 Nov 2021 11:59
Boris Johnson Mocked After Saying Glasgow’s Cop26 Took Place Somewhere Entirely DifferentAlamy

Boris Johnson has been mocked online after he got the location of Glasgow’s COP26 wrong despite having spent time there. 

I’ll be the first to admit that geography isn’t my strong point, but you’d hope the UK prime minister would be a bit more knowledgeable on the matter.


Johnson ventured out of his usual stomping ground of London earlier this month to attend the COP26 climate summit which was held in Scotland – or more specifically, Glasgow.

Check out the footage below:


In case you’re not familiar with Scottish cities, Glasgow is located more towards the west of Scotland, about 46 miles away from the capital, Edinburgh.


Considering they’re two of the best-known cities in Scotland, most people are able to tell them apart. Unfortunately, Johnson made it seem as if he is not one of those people while speaking about the summit during a Downing Street press conference this weekend.

The PM was defending a pledge by countries to start ‘phasing down’ the use of coal in a bid to reduce carbon emissions when he said: ‘I don’t think António Guterres, the UN secretary-general, would want people to think that we’ve cracked it here at COP in Edinburgh, of course not.’

A sign at COP26 (Alamy)Alamy

I’d like to think Johnson does know the difference between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and that he was aware of where he was when he attended the summit, but that didn’t stop social media users from mocking the prime minister over the blunder.


Sharing footage of the press conference, one Twitter user wrote: ‘Does he… realise which city he has been in?’

Another commented: ‘Boris Johnson has been at COP “in Edinburgh” apparently. Everyone else went to Glasgow. But,hey, who cares about the minor details?’

A third tweet reads: ‘We have a PM who does not know his Edinburgh from his Glasgow…’


The climate summit came to an end on November 12 with world leaders pledging to ‘phase down’ the use of coal; a promise many activists have argued is insufficient.

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