Bottega Veneta Launches $2,300 Necklace That Looks Like A Phone Cord

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Bottega Veneta Launches $2,300 Necklace That Looks Like A Phone CordBottega Veneta

Throwbacks are big in the fashion industry – but normally retro sources of inspiration don’t include household appliances.

That hasn’t stopped Bottega Veneta though, with the Italian fashion house having recently launched a necklace that looks absolutely identical to a phone cord.


To clear things up, we’re not talking about the USB charging cords everyone is familiar with today. The luxury brand’s new line instead appears to be based on those old-school curly cords that came with landline phones way back in the day.

Bottega Veneta

The necklace, which looks like it should cost all of about £3, is available for pre-order from the brand’s online store in Japan for the equivalent of around $2,365 USD. The newly-launched range also includes earrings for $893 and a ring for $556. They also come in purple, which makes the design look slightly less like something that should be attached to a receiver – but only slightly.


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In many ways, Bottega Veneta is providing an educational service to the youth of today, with plenty of people out there probably too young to remember the days of wall-mounted phones and having to wait until after 6pm to call your friends for free.


With all sorts of retro tech, from Gameboys to Nokia brick phones, making a comeback among nostalgic millennials, maybe Bottega Veneta wanted to jump on the trend, but it seems like there must probably be a better way to capture those 90s vibes than a $2,000 necklace.

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