Bouncer’s GoPro Footage Reveals That Jack Jones Is Still A Massive Whopper

by : UNILAD on : 15 Mar 2016 11:00

Last month, I covered a story about Jack Jones and a crafty slice of pizza that made a temporary home on the side of his head. It went viral.


Basically, the story outed the prankster as a bit of a hypocrite, and while nobody actually enjoys being slapped with a slice of pizza, it perfectly displayed the art of giving and not being able to take.

Shortly after the footage went viral, a handful of videos made their way onto the internet of Jack and his child-like displays of hypocrisy when faced with public humiliation – which is something he has built his whole career on.

Now, exactly a month on from ‘Pizza-Gate’ he’s at it again, this time throwing his weight around in front of a bouncer who, to be quite honest, should be praised for his handling of the situation.


Jack Jones is refused entry then threatens to suffocate this doorman, then offers him outside when he's already outside this is comedy gold and he didn't even know he's being recorded lol

Posted by Discoboy-Lee Marshall on Monday, 14 March 2016

Cries of “I know the CEO of the place” and “I will suffocate you straight up” ring out as an intoxicated Jones battles with not only the bouncer, but his own words. He even pulls the race card. Brilliant.

Jack even manages to call the well-mannered doorman an embarrassment, before stumbling off, slurring his words and being an absolute ledge.

I’m not saying that Jack Jones is the only person to ever spit his dummy out at a bouncer and cause a scene while heavily intoxicated. We’ve all been there. However, it’s the manner in which Sir Jack does these things that grabs attention.

Someone in his position should probably be focusing on how to be a good example for the younger generation who not only follow him, but the hundreds of online personalities who are quickly becoming the TV presenters and role models of our day.



So when a camera is shoved in his face, or he’s around young, impressionable people who follow his every move, refraining from threatening to suffocate a professional who is just trying to earn a living, and choosing not to use his ‘status’ to throw his weight around, would probably be a wiser move.


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