Boy Hospitalised After Trying Ridiculous New Viral Trend – Setting Yourself On Fire

by : UNILAD on : 15 Dec 2015 13:23

A schoolboy has been rushed to hospital after attempting the internet’s latest ridiculous craze – people setting themselves on fire.


Oliver Sharp, 11, was taken to Sheffield Children’s Hospital with scalding on his back so severe it required a skin graft, after he set his t-shirt on fire at his house, the Daily Star reported.

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His mum, Sarah Sharp, said:

I was upstairs putting the washing out when Oliver’s sister, Lacey, came running to tell me that he was on fire. I ran downstairs to the utility room and started smacking his t-shirt to put it out.

He said that he lit his shirt once and managed to put it out but, when he lit the burnt area again, his shirt just went up in flames.

He is never in trouble. He is a brilliant little boy and I thought he had the brains not to do something like this.


Julie Baker, the manager of the burns unit ward at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, told the Daily Star: “Oliver’s clothing was flame retardant, but not flame proof – if you try hard enough to set fire to flame retardant clothing it will be set alight.”


According to The Mirror the craze started in the U.S., with fatal results, after people started using nail polish remover and hand sanitiser to accelerate the flames.

Please don’t try this at home:


Setting yourself on fire on the internet, Jesus Christ…

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