California Mum Often Mistaken For 17-Year-Old Son’s Younger Sister

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California Mum Often Mistaken For 17-Year-Old Son's Younger Sisterdaynaduh/TikTok

A mum from California has revealed how people often mistakenly believe her to be the sister of her 17-year-old son.

34-year-old Dayna Qazi, from Irvine, went viral after posting a video to TikTok alongside her son, Julian, based on the premise of this common error.


Dayna, who works as a professional photographer, gave birth to Julian when she was 16 years old, and has described motherhood as being the ‘best thing to ever happen’ to her.

TikTok mumdaynaduh/TikTok

In a video that has since been viewed more than 13.6 million times, Dayna and Julian can be seen poking fun at the mistakes people make upon first meeting them.

The pair shake their heads to the question, ‘Is that your brother?’ before giving a firm nod to the question, ‘Is that your son?’


Dayna also used the video to reaffirm she had no regrets about becoming a young mum, before confirming that she and her son are ‘besties’.

You can watch the TikTok for yourself below:


Many of those in the comment section have been left stunned at Dayna’s youthful appearance, unable to believe she was in any way old enough to have a teenage son.

Several have even remarked that Dayna actually looked younger than Julian, and could easily be mistaken for his younger sister.

One person said:

Were you like five lol you look younger than him wow!


Another commented:

Wow…you look younger than him (it’s the beard).

Dayna credits a portion of her youthful looks to a couple of procedures she’s had, known as a ‘Mummy Makeover’, which includes a tummy tuck and lipsuction.


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The video has also prompted others to come forward with their own stories of young motherhood, and the confusion this can lead to.

As one person said:

I always have fun explaining that the twenty-two-year-old living with me is my daughter and the kid is her son and my grandson.

Another said:

I had my son at 16 years of age I am now 47 and he is 31. No regrets he is a great son and I have a great life.

TikTok mumdaynaduh/TikTok

Dayna – whose own mother was a grandma by the age of 32 – has often used TikTok as a way to dispel myths about young motherhood, and has previously credited being a mother to Julian as having kept her young.

Replying to one commenter, Dayna, who has 98,000 followers, stated that she wouldn’t change her decision to have her baby ‘for the world’, while joking to another, ‘That’s the sauce. Young baby = Forever young’.

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