Canadian Comedian Perfectly Explains Why All Muslims Aren’t Terrorists Using Justin Bieber


There’s been some absolutely horrific opinions aired in some circles since the Paris attacks on November 13.

So leave it to a comedian to shut down any ignorant opinions about Islam in the most epic way to date.

In a hilarious skit, Canadian comedian Susan Kent perfectly explained why all Muslims aren’t terrorists by pointing out that not all Canadians are Justin Bieber fans either.


Annoyed that some of her fellow Canadians had attacked other Canadians just for being Muslim, This Hour Has 22 Minutes cast member Kent, asked viewers to apply this simple and sensible analogy when considering the glaring difference between ISIS militants and ordinary Muslims.

She said:

Dear assholes. We all hate ISIS – they’re monsters. But do you know who else hates them? Muslims.

Kent went on to point out that there are over 1.6 million Muslims around the world, with a mere 30,000 estimated ISIS fighters.

She noted that, if you consider all Muslims to be terrorists then, by the same logic, it would be like judging 35 million Canadians’ behaviour by the not-so-beloved Justin Bieber, given that the ratio is exactly the same.

To the Canadians who have been attacking other Canadians for being Muslim…

Posted by This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

She added:

Does that mean all Canadians throw tantrums while wearing expensive tights and giant T-shirts?

Attacking a whole group because someone in that group did something bad is always a dumb idea, whether it’s attacking Muslims for ISIS, Catholics for creepy priests or the entire Star Wars franchise for Jar Jar Binks.

If you really want to fight terrorism, mesa tell you what to do, stop terrorising people.

Everyone should watch the video above, just so all the ignorant folk can refer back to it and stop talking if they ever feel the urge to make a horrible sweeping bullshit statement about “all Muslims” in the future.