‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Just Made A Sh*tload Of Money Starring In A Rap Video

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2017 16:15


It seems the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl is now cashing in even more on her fame now she’s appeared in a music video. 


It doesn’t look like the teen who bizarrely shot to ‘celeb status’ after appearing on the Dr Phil Show for her bad behaviour, is going anywhere anytime soon.

The misbehaving 13-year-old has become the face of many a viral meme, after a clip of her challenging the Dr and his audience with her now-catch phrase, ‘Cash Me Ousside,’ swept the internet.

After gaining thousands of new followers and likers on her Instagram and Twitter pages, she somehow landed herself a lead role in a music video for Kodak Black, TMZ reports.


The rapper’s new track, ‘Everything 1k,’ sees the meme-queen, Danielle Bregoli posing on top of a swanky looking Rolls Royce.

The turbulent teen can be seen kitted out in t-shirt with her viral catch phrase plastered over it, while she flashes cash and pretends she’s a gangster pulling triggers.


Her dabble into rap music comes just after she was caught on film punching a passenger on a flight and nearly landed herself in a youth facility.

The video was presumably filmed before her near-arrest though.

Apparently Kodak Black loved the video not only due to Danielle’s performance but the fact she did it for free in exchange for free advertising on her own clothing line she’s currently selling.

With the media coverage of the video, the advertising and her own clothing line, Bregoli is set to cash in a huge amount on her new-found fame.

Here’s the whole bizarre music video:


How long it lasts? Only the Internet will know.

It’s reassuring to see someone from a ‘help chat show’ with minimal talent bagging themselves a music video and a whole heap of cash aged 13 though.

There’s hope for us all.

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