Cash Me Ousside Girl Has A ‘Boyfriend’ And If True It’s All Kinds Of Illegal

by : UNILAD on : 24 Feb 2017 09:02

In very weird and disturbing news, two Internet memes have crossed paths in a potentially illegal encounter.


Remember GraTaTa guy? The confusing vine that made its rounds for a guy saying ‘gratata’ and pretending to shoot the camera?

Current viral meme ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl has alllegedly gotten friendly with him.

If you happened to have missed the glory that was ‘GraTaTa’, here’s a refresher:


Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the GraTaTa guy revealed something to his followers that could definitely land him in jail.

He tweeted: “Just hit ms cash wit da finga smash as she screamed daddy, she a coo girl an I jus had to give her a taste.”

Translation: (Allegedly) He fingered her and she called him ‘daddy’ loudly. She is a pretty cool person.

Now, let’s all keep in mind that ‘Ms Cash’ was born in 2003. According to reports she was born in March, so that makes her 13 years old. Thirteen. Years. Old.

According to an arrest report earlier this year, GraTaTa – or Bryan Silva – is 25-years-old. That makes him more than a decade older than her.

The age of consent in America is 18, with some states at 16. Either way, if what GraTaTa guy tweeted is true, it’s all kinds of illegal.

The tweet has since been deleted, so for the sake of 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli, we can only hope it was all a joke.

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