Casting Agency Places Ridiculously Offensive Advert, Internet Has Field Day


British supermarket Morrisons is facing a massive backlash online after a casting agency placed a highly offensive advert on its behalf.

The company responsible for hiring extras for an upcoming commercial stated the chain wanted working class people, but no one from Liverpool, and nobody who resembles the cast of Channel 4’s Benefits Street.

As reported by ITV Casting Networks’ advert said:

They should be proper working class people but not at all like the characters from Benefit Street.

And nobody from Liverpool please.

The supermarket was quick to distance itself from the wording of the advert:

Sadly it was all too late as far as social media was concerned…

With no justification for the discrimination, the outrage is easy to understand.

Some people were willing to overlook the slight – with a few conditions…

Hard to see how the supermarket can make this one right.