Charles Manson Gets GoFundMe For Funeral Expenses


Some guy started a GoFundMe page to help fund Charles Manson’s funeral and it actually did pretty well.

It’s not know who this guy is, was, and/or if he was serious (banter if not?) but it struck a nerve with fans of Manson, who orchestrated a series of murders in 1969, including an eight-month pregnant woman.

If no-one claims his body within 10 days his remains will be cremated.

The expenses used for the cremation will be taken from Manson’s assets.

The GoFundMe reads:

It is with a heavy heart I must announce, not only have we lost a dear friend & loved one, Charles age 83, but two days prior to Charles’ passing away, his grandson Jason Lee Freeman lost his job. Not only does Jason now have to worry about stepping up to the plate to ensure his grandfather’s remains are laid to rest with the honor, respect & dignity he deserves, but Jason must also bare the burden of covering all expenses.

No way will we, his friends, family, loved ones &/or supporters, stand back & watch Jason suffer with the worries of how he’s not only going to feed his family & pay the necessary bills that not only follows ones life but also cover the cost of doing what’s right by his grandfather.


It goes on:

I’m asking everyone to please help us help Jason & his family by suprising him with this show of support. Let’s show him that we’re still here & that our love for him & his grandfather is forever. LEt’s ensure Jason has what he needs to bring his grandfather home… home to be free forever.

Whatever you can afford to contribute will help cover all lawyers fees, travel arrangements & all necessary costs of living. Let’s all show Jason & his family that not only are we still here but we’re ready to be a part of this moment in history of freeing Charles from the same system that did everything in their power to destroy him…

And on:

We will not sit back and let them throw Mr. Manson away like trash. His whole life he lived with the pain of feeling unclaimed. We must not let this happen in death. Together we can help Jason bring his grandfather home & prove to the world Charles WAS LOVED & WILL BE CLAIMED!

Please share this link & let’s make this happen for Jason cause ultimately this will be our final chance to help Charles.

For whatever reason, the ‘link’ doesn’t appear to work anymore, it goes straight the homepage.

But it did raise $949 at one point.

Fellas, I’m not sure how deleted GoFundMe’s work. Do this guy have that money now? Despite not reaching a ‘target’? Or is he just laughing that people were willing to buy into his story and cough up actual money to bury CHARLES MANSON?