Cheating Wife’s In-Laws Catch Her With Lover In Awkward Hiding Place


A cheating wife is facing divorce after she was caught on camera by her in-laws with her secret lover stashed under the bed.

Bizarre footage of the showdown in Becerril, in the north-eastern Colombian region of Cesar, has turned the wife – identified only as Mayra – into a social media sensation with hundreds of thousands of people viewing her infidelity.

You can watch the awkward home footage in the video below:

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Mayra was ambushed by her mother-in-law and other members of her husband’s family while she was home alone with her lover.

As the video clip starts, a nervous-looking Mayra lets her in-laws into the flat, asking ‘Why did you not call me? And why do you want to come in now?’

But her husband’s suspicious mum, her father-in-law and one of her sisters-in-law push past her and begin searching the property.


As she records the scene on her smartphone, the mother of Mayra’s wronged husband marches from room to room asking: “Where do you have him?”

When she gets to the bedroom, she pushes the bed to one side and Mayra’s camera-shy partner finally emerges with a sheepish grin on his face.


The irate mother-in-law exclaims:

Look at this – you are here. Get out, let him get out. My son does not deserve that. Now, you go with him. You should leave the house Mayra.

But as the unidentified man climbs free and tried to make his escape, the scene descends into familial violence the likes of which most haven’t seen since the annual Christmas Monopoly game.


As the older woman begins battering him furiously, Mayra grapples with her sister-in-law.

The brawlers exit, telling Mayra her marriage to their son and brother is over, thus yet another marriage break up is documented on social media for the viewing horror of millions.