Check Out These Celebrities’ Hilariously Cringe First Tweets

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Twitter is officially ten years old today!

Life before the social platform launched to the public on July 15, 2006, is a distant memory, but thanks to Discover Twitter it’s possible to wade back through time and discover anyone’s fist tweet.

Naturally celebrities make some of the most interesting subjects for this experiment, and as reported by the Daily Star, many of their first efforts are hilariously cringey.

Harry Styles took to it like a 40-year-old man yearning for his pipe and slippers…

Zayn, meanwhile, opted to use his first tweet to explain that it was him.

Louis Tomlinson surprisingly wasn’t tweeting about the mighty Doncaster Rovers.

Although he did revert to being a horny teen trying to flirt…

Katy Perry is the most followed person on the bird site with 90.5 million drawn to her feed.

People just can’t get enough of her cold symtpom updates…

Kim Kardashian is now an award winner for her use of online media, but even she had to clarify who was really behind the account.

Hmmmm, that’s precisely what an imposter would say…

Younger sibling Kylie Jenner just couldn’t contain her excitement!

Typical Biebs, of course his first tweet was a plug…

Conor McGregor is a master of using Twitter to create his own hype.

He had the good sense to avoid an awkward first tweet by just having someone else take responsibility – very clever.

Taylor Swift confessed to being a cat lady…

Disappointingly Ed Balls’ first effort was not just ‘Ed Balls’.

Fair play to Calvin Harris for nailing the honest approach though!

Most of these guys have improved greatly online since then, apart from Azealia Banks and Hulk Hogan, their use of social media is still mind-bogglingly awful…

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

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