Chef Who Makes 40-Inch Kebabs Is TikTok’s Highest Earner

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Sep 2021 18:45
Chef Who Makes 40-Inch Kebabs Is TikTok's Highest Earner@cznburak/TikTok

Burak Özdemir, the famous chef responsible for creating 40-inch kebabs, has been revealed as TikTok’s highest earner. 

Özdemir rose to fame with the help of social media by sharing pictures and videos of his giant, edible creations, which have recently included a giant burger and fries and ‘the biggest pizza in the world’.


After racking up more than 47 million followers on TikTok, Özdemir has placed at the top of the TikTok Rich List 2021, which is made up of the highest-earning celebrities and influencers who became famous on the popular social media platform.

@cznburakCzn Burak Burger Dubai Mallda açıldı❤️❤️🍔🍔 ##cznburak ##tiktok♬ orijinal ses – cznburak

According to FandomSpot.com, a leading platform for fandoms and online communities, Özdemir has a net worth of approximately $11m, with the figures based on TikTokers’ earnings from the platform as well as income from paid partnerships advertised on their various social media accounts.


One of Özdemir most famous creations is his 40-inch kebab, which he served at Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi in Istanbul under the name ‘Meter Kebab’. The recognition for his creation is definitely well deserved, because Travel Insider notes the chef takes the time to mold the kebabs by hand before they’re roasted.

@cznburakCzn farkıyla XL DÜRÜM sever misiniz?🤗❤️😂🙈 ##cznburak ##tiktok♬ orijinal ses – cznburak

After his immense creations boosted him into the spotlight, Özdemir has gone on to feature the likes of Will Smith and Ronaldinho in his videos.


Alyssa Celatti of FandomSpot.com noted that the results reveal ‘just how astounding the earning power of TikTok is’, commenting:

While this data looks at net worth in general, many of these influencers became famous through TikTok – a career path that, I think, is becoming ever more popular. Brands and marketing professionals are beginning to realise that influencers are the way to go when it comes to advertising products to the masses, which obviously leads to some very lucrative partnerships.

Social media platforms really have taken a move away from beach selfies and cringey duck pouts. Nowadays, if you aren’t using your platforms to make an extra bit of cash on the side, you’re missing a trick. Whether you’re dancing, cooking, singing or just funny, there’s money to be made from it. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next top earner.

TikTok Rich List 2021 (FandomSpot.com)FandomSpot.com

Özdemir’s ranking on the list may come as a surprise to some TikTok users when taking into account the success of influencers such as Khabane Lame and Addison Rae, with the former having failed to make it into the top 10 while the latter secured third place with a net worth of approximately $5 million.


Coming in second behind Özdemir on the TikTok rich list is influencer Brent Rivera, whose net worth amounts to $6.5 million.

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