Chilling Footage Shows ‘Ghost Walking Through Traffic’

by : UNILAD on : 13 Aug 2018 05:06
Ghost Caught on CameraGhost Caught on CameraNewsflare

This is the chilling moment a ‘ghost’ appears to walk through oncoming traffic before later appearing in front of a grocery store.


The apparition was picked up on CCTV cameras outside a shop in Pangasinan, Philippines, on June 20 at 2pm.

Surveillance footage from the same store shows a similar figure emerge 13 hours later on the same day, as it lurks ominously next to a delivery man.

The spooky sightings have baffled staff at the shop and even security guards have been alarmed by it.


Michael Forto said:

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought these things only happen on television. It seems that the shadow is looking at the delivery guy.

The grocery store is located in front of the town plaza and locals believe the apparition is the spirit of somebody with a grudge.

Ghost Walking Through TrafficGhost Walking Through TrafficNewsflare

Jenny Renalto, who works at a shop near to where the ghost was captured on film, said:

Now I’m scared to walk near this area. Every time I go past I can sense something scary.

I keep remembering what was on CCTV and the image of the man walking across the road comes into my head.

Perhaps this entity was simply looking for the Meremma sheepdog which went viral in 2016, thanks to his effortlessly cool ‘Ghost Dog’ nickname.

Ghost DogGhost DogFranklin the Gungahlin Maremma/Facebook

Franklin had been on the loose for three years when he achieved his celebrity status in Canberra, Australia. He was allegedly adopted by a family in 2012 and originally named Samson, but escaped and had been living on the road ever since.

Franklin was named the ‘Ghost Dog’ because of his white coat and his bizarre ability to suddenly appear from nowhere, and then vanish just as quickly.

It was believed he was cared for by a network of dog lovers around the Gungahlin district and even has his own Facebook page, which has just short of 5,000 likes at the time of writing.

Pictures and updates of the dog are regularly posted online, showing Franklin seemingly looking healthy and happy.

Some argued he should be re-homed, while others believed he should be allowed to roam freely.

Alas, Franklin has since found solace.

Posted by Franklin the Gungahlin Maremma on Thursday, 28 June 2018

On his Facebook page, carers wrote:

Franklin has come such a long way. He has settled in and loves his routine and is left to enjoy his days as he pleases. Here in this video we catch him laying down and enjoying the rare winter sun and stop to give him a pat which he always enjoys.

Franklin is now a ‘permanent’ addition to our farm: he is safe and loved and has lots of other maremmas as company.

If you would like to help ‘Franklin and his friends’ please consider a tax deductible donation to our rescue to ensure that we are able to continue to save these gorgeous dogs and give them the safe haven that they require until a new families are found for those who are adoptable.

He’s a cute dog, but money? And he isn’t even a ghost? Bring back 2016.


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