Chilling Plot To Assassinate Donald Trump Found On Dark Web

by : UNILAD on : 01 Dec 2016 17:45
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Whatever your views on Trump, an undeniably terrifying plot to assassinate the newly elected President has been unearthed on the Dark Web.  


The decidedly scary site was set up, initially, to raise funds and obtain information in pursuit of killing off Donald Trump and Mike Pence, reports RT. 

The Dark Web is a mysterious and disturbing part of the internet which is encrypted, so that people can commit or organise crimes without being found out, including purchasing banned products or looking at child pornography.

Users can work and browse the sites anonymously using the Tor browser, as it hides their IP addresses, meaning it’s impossible to identify the creators or those who access it.

The plotting page features images of the leaders, next to a gun as well as an image of cross-hairs positioned threateningly over Trump’s face.


It declares:

As you are all well aware, the consequences of having Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the leaders of the free world is extremely dangerous.

The political, environmental and social consequences will change the United States for the worst.

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It then mentions the ‘rise of several white supremacist movements like the KKK and the neo-nazis,’ and then, rather ironically, points the finger at Trump and says that ‘trying to eliminate other Americans of different origins cannot be tolerated.’

It adds:

We, as a society have come too far to go back to this

Most disturbing of all, the creator says they are part of a ‘well-known organisation that has always defended and protected the rights of all people against crooked governments and regimes using different cyber attacks.’



The site claims its plans to assassinate one of the world’s most powerful men is necessary, ‘as it will require much more than [a] cyber attack to defend ourselves to avoid civil war or another world war.’

Frighteningly, it reveals they are part of a network which includes contacts from the government and secret services.

It says:

We have several assets in different branches of government, security and even some working in secret services.


The site then outrageously goes on to ask for money to fund its gruesome plan.

It explains:

Unfortunately, the plan we need to implement requires a lot of money to pay for equipment, bribes and also to pay those assets.

The page then encourages help from anyone who can financially assist, who ‘wish to see our plan succeed’ as well as asking those with the necessary ‘expertise, intelligence or contacts you consider relevant,’ to get in touch with them.


The site even has a Bitcoin wallet attached for donations and has received a scary $88k since March, although this site has only been active for a week and is thought to have $119 in its ‘assassination fund,’ so far. The International Business Times reports that a hacker apparently knows who is behind this illusive site.

The hacker believes the creator is Canadian and brands them ‘a little scammer.’

The hacker said:

I actually planned to send an email to the United States Secret Service about him, but I can’t find an appropriate email address of the USSS.


However, it is believed that the Secret Service are already aware of the website.

It’s a scary world out there on the Dark Web…

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