Chinese Workers Go ‘Faceless’ For A Day To Avoid Faking Expressions

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jul 2015 19:02


We’ve all have to fake a smile at work. It’s just one of those things. But not in China.

A property company in Northern China’s Handan province all work masks on Tuesday as part of their ‘faceless’ day.


Woffice is a specialist in leasing office spaces, so as such, it knows a thing or two about the office workplace. specifically, how fucking annoying it is having to fake smiles all day.

When Colin walks in at the beginning of a shift and says “Don’t worry, only 9 hours to go!”. When Janice on reception shows you photos of her next door neighbour’s grandkids. When Mike, your team leader, lists all the drinks he had at his brothers barbecue, as if you give a shit and are going to be impressed.

These situations pop up several times a day, and feigning a smile can be very tiresome. So Woffice have dedicated a day to helping you out.

Everybody wears a mask, all day long. That way you can’t see if somebody is smiling or not, so you can pull the faces that you want to, without getting a written warning for ‘not giving the slightest shit about anybody or anything’.



It must be so much more relaxing in a training meeting when you aren’t humouring the boring fella cracking shitty jokes all day. Depending on the mask you might even be able to grab a micronap unnoticed.


The masks these guys used are cool, too. A few people opted for the Guy Fawkes face, but the best are the ‘No Face’ masks from Spirited Away. Ace.



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