Chrissy Teigen Breast Milk Photo Sparks Huge Backlash

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Chrissy Teigen has sparked controversy after a photo of her pumping breast milk was posted on social media.

The picture in question was posted by her husband, R&B singer, John Legend.

It was posted yesterday (June 18) on Father’s Day, in which he paid tribute to his ‘pretty awesome’ wife.

However, some people found the picture inappropriate because for some strange reason, a woman pumping breast milk is still a serious taboo.

Posting a selfie of himself and wife Chrissy on Instagram, Legend wrote the following caption:

I know it’s Father’s Day and all but my wife is pretty awesome. She’s taking me to dinner but still on mommy duty

While it’s a cute picture, and showing Legend and Teigen are like most normal couples (but with lots and lots of money), some people on the ‘gram just couldn’t handle the fact the former Sports Illustrated model needed to pump milk.

I mean, she’s just had a child, a mum’s job is 24/7 – no days off!

A lot of people thought the picture was inappropriate and one person wrote:

I love both of you guys amaizing people. But breast feeding an pumping should be a mother and child private bond not social media [sic]

While someone else wrote:

social media is about being social. Or expressing yourself. Let me reiterate this for you. Posting a picture of yourself or allowing a picture of yourself breastfeeding is unnecessary and only makes you look like you’re seeking attention by showing you’re breastfeeding.

You don’t need to show breastfeeding to bring awareness or bolster the cause.

I don’t know

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However, other’s were quick to leap to the couple’s defence and praised both of them for normalising breastfeeding and pumping.

One person wrote a comment which read:

Amazing, thanks for helping normalizing breastfeeding. It’s beautiful, it’s natural and should be praised when done in public as well.

Being forced to breastfeed in a public toilet, like if doing something illegal. THAT is disgusting! You both rock!!Please more celebrities to share beautiful posts like this [sic]

steamed dewy dumpling ? @michaelsilvahair @namvo

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Another person pointed out the hypocrisy of the negative feedback:

There are thousands of pictures out there of women completely topless giving society and especially young girls an ridiculous and unachievable “body goal” but when a picture is posted of what a women’s breasts are intended for there’s uproar there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding and the fact that Chrissy and John use their high profiles to promote what people should recognise as completely normal I think is fantastic enjoy your dinner guys!!!! [sic]

To be honest, anyone who knows Chrissy Teigen knows she hasn’t got time for any negativity in her life.

If someone wants to throw shade at her then she’s more than happy to respond in kindness and cut the haters down to size.

guess we’re really doing this kid thing!

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An adamant believer in keeping it real, Teigen even revealed the graphic details as a result of the latest birth.

On her Twitter account, Teigen posted:

I can confirm postpartum life is 90% better when you don’t rip to your butthole. Baby boy: 1 point. Luna: 0

Damn, I feel like I’ve learnt just a little bit too much about the effects of childbirth. It’s certainly more information than I would’ve preferred to have learnt.

But as they say, knowledge is power, so if I have to know this stuff, you bloody well do too.

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