Cinema Worker Finds Cucumber While Cleaning Fifty Shades Darker Screen

by : UNILAD on : 15 Feb 2017 15:22
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Finding a vegetable in the cinema would be strange at the best of times, but locating a cucumber after the new Fifty Shades film, is nothing short of disturbing…


Staff at the Hayden Orpheum Cinema in Sydney, Australia found themselves face to face with the firm, green vegetable item when they were cleaning, the Daily Mail reports.

If it was another film, you may just think someone had dropped their shopping, but as it was a showing of the new Fifty Shades Darker film, it conjures all sorts of horrendous images…

I’d like to think no-one brought a cucumber as a date to a valentine’s showing of the raunchy film and it’s actually just a clever marketing ploy from the cinema’s PR people…


I’m going to go with that anyway and ignore all thoughts on anything a hundred times more sordid…

The cinema posted a snap of one of their staff holding the offending vegetable to Twitter and watched as it quickly went viral.

The question of why the cleaner was clutching the cucumber without gloves is very worrying and Twitter users were quick to pull them up on their handling of the weird object.

While many were horrified, others live in hope the cucumber is just an innocent, healthy snack that was part of someone’s shopping or perhaps a hotdog alternative… Not in a dirty way…


Kyle and Jackie O from Australia’s KIIS radio station bagged themselves an interview with the usher and what they asked was downright gross.

Just grim.

Whether it’s someone’s shopping or not, it’s not exactly something you want to risk touching…

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    'That awkward moment you find a cucumber in the cinema after Fifty Shades': Usher finds vegetable on the floor after screening of raunchy film