Cleaners Find Unopened Letter In Club On New Year’s Day, Can’t Help But Read It

nightclub pregnancy letterPryzm Nottingham/Twitter

Things found on nightclub floors aren’t usually worth bearing thinking about, let alone writing about in the news.

But instead of asking the usual questions of ‘What was that foodstuff originally?’ or ‘What is that white powder?’ a conundrum has taken over the city of Nottingham after a letter was found on the floor following this week’s New Year’s festivities.

Taking to Twitter, Pryzm shared images of a letter the nightclub’s cleaners found on the floors while they cleared up the mess left from a busy New Year’s Eve, and have since gone viral.

Although the letter was unopened and addressed to ‘Josh’ informing him to open it at midnight, the cleaners couldn’t resist but check out what was inside.

Pryzm tweeted:

Our cleaners have just finished cleaning after NYE and have found this sealed envelope. We’ve just opened it and now we need to know, does Josh know?!

In the letter, the woman, known only as Sarah, informed Josh she was expecting in a hilarious poem.

Intended to be given to Josh at midnight, the letter reads:

‘Special’ is what I’ll call the last few years, I’ll be collecting you later after you’ve had a few beers.

There’s a reason I couldn’t come with you tonight, I’ve asked for this letter to be given to you at midnight.

I hope when you read this you’ll be filled with joy – the question is, girl or boy?

Happy New Year, I hope you’ve had fun, maybe next time baby, stick it in my bum. Love, Sarah XXX


nightclub letterPryzm Nottingham/Twitter

With the tweet retweeted over 11,000 times at time of writing (January 4), people on social media are hoping to find either Josh or Sarah.

One person joked Josh wouldn’t be happy with the news tweeting:

Josh thinking 2019 is ‘his year’ and then Sarah drops this bomb. Poor lads swapping two weeks in Ibiza for parenting classes.

Another thought Josh may have opened the letter, read it and ran writing:

Josh probably now getting on the first flight out of the country! Who said romance was dead!

Some felt inspired by Sarah’s way of telling Josh the big news saying:

This is how I’m going to tell my bf that I’m preggers.

With the nightclub sharing the letter on Facebook too, it has received a similar reaction there garnering over 19,000 likes with people taking to the comments to tag a friend named Josh or make a joke.

One commented:

Josh threw the letter away without reading it in anguish that she had let him down again. He then went on the pull and didn’t pull out. Josh now has two babies on the way. Josh is a fool. Don’t be like Josh.

While another joked:

I personally would not write a letter for my man to read announcing my pregnancy while he’s smashed at midnight. I’d wait until he’s hungover af and watch him spew his guts up after I told him the next day.

If you are either Josh or Sarah, please get in touch by emailing us!

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