College Professor Slammed For Shouting At Hearing-Impaired Student Using Translator

by : Hannah Smith on : 19 Feb 2021 17:37
College Professor Slammed For Shouting At Hearing Impaired Student Using Translatorsalwaabakar/TikTok

A college professor has gone viral after he was filmed berating a hearing-impaired student for using a translator.

The Ventura College professor was teaching a Zoom class when he began to go off on a tangent directed at one student – referred to only as Miss Salazar – telling her, ‘Hello, I’ve been talking to you,’ before asking her why she hadn’t answered any of his questions.


Following his rant, one of the girl’s fellow students, Abigail, decides to step in, and tries to explain to the professor that she is hard of hearing and has a sign language translator, so her answers are delayed while she has his questions interpreted.

Now, at this point, most people would realise they’ve made a horrible mistake and immediately apologise to the student. But for some reason, this professor decides to go in the complete opposite direction and doubles down on his attack, accusing Salazar of ‘not paying attention’ and ‘not trying’.


Abigail tries again to explain the reason for the delays, but the professor still refuses to simply own up to the misunderstanding, telling Salazar that she has ‘too much distraction to even know what’s going on’ and attacking her for ‘laughing and smiling’ with her translator.


Eventually the professor tries to walk back his comments, saying, ‘I’m not attacking you, I’m just disappointed in you,’ all while refusing to apologise to his student. Unfortunately for him, another student was filming the whole thing, and later posted his attack to TikTok.

The clip has since made its way onto the Reddit forum r/IAmATotalPieceOfSh*t, and it’s fair to say that people aren’t too impressed with the professor’s actions. ‘Guy was doubling and tripling down. Given enough time he’d have dug a hole to the earth’s core,’ one user said, with another guessing that he probably made things worse out of embarrassment, saying, ‘Too much pride and ego to apologise when he clearly realises he’s wrong after the classmate pipes up.’


Another user praised the girl’s classmate for defending her, saying, ‘I am so thankful that Abigail spoke up for her. We need more Abigails in the world.’

It’s not clear whether the professor has faced any consequences for his outburst, but this video is a good example of exactly how not to respond to someone whose circumstances we don’t understand.

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