Comedian Brilliantly Puts Heckler Who Interrupted Set With Fake News In His Place

by : Hannah Smith on : 16 Sep 2021 10:39
Comedian Brilliantly Puts Heckler Who Interrupted Set With Fake News In His Place@thehofstetter/TikTok

A comedian has showed exactly how to deal with fake news conspiracies, in a textbook response to a right-wing heckler.

Stand-up comic Steve Hofstetter was doing material about Bernie Sanders when he was interrupted by a member of the audience who claimed Sanders ‘didn’t have a job until he was 40’.


When Hofstetter asked his heckler to explain his point, he continued to claim that ‘[Sanders] was sitting in coffee shops, complaining about the system and saying [American civil rights activist] Cesar Chavez was right’.

Steve Hofstetter schools comedian (@thehofstetter/TikTok)@thehofstetter/TikTok

Now, the comedian spots a flaw in this guy’s claims pretty quickly, because, as he points out, Sanders was first elected to office in 1981, when he was 39 years old.

The heckler doesn’t believe him, so he whips out his phone and heads straight for Sanders’ Wikipedia page, from which he proceeds to read out the Senator’s entire early professional history.


‘There’s about 30 other things here,’ Hofstetter says after listing a raft of jobs. Incredibly, the heckler doesn’t back down, demanding to know whether he was actually paid for any of his work, but the laughter from the audience makes it pretty clear he’s lost the argument.

A clip of the incident was posted by Hofstetter to TikTok and soon made its way onto Reddit, where people have been reacting to the comedian’s put-down.


‘I swear some people act like it’s still 1980 and nobody can internet your bulls**t,’ one person wrote, while another commented, ‘This is your brain on Fox News propaganda.’

Given that Hofstetter frequently posts his heckler put-downs on social media, you’d think people at his shows would have learned by now that he’s not the guy to mess with.

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    This man is why our country has a problem