Comedian Horrifies German Version Of Britain’s Got Talent By ‘Eating’ Sausages With Her Bum

by : Cameron Frew on : 08 Nov 2019 16:26

Warning: Contains Nudity And Sausage Abuse

Comedian Horrifies German Version Of Britain's Got Talent By 'Eating' Sausages With Her BumComedian Horrifies German Version Of Britain's Got Talent By 'Eating' Sausages With Her BumRTL

How do you get on the German version of Britain’s Got Talent? Shove a few sausages up your arse, apparently. 

When Duckie L’Orange waltzed out onto the stage of Das Supertalent, neither the judges nor the audience were ready for her X-rated act.

However, the comedian mystified viewers when she pulled a string of sausages from her apron. I think it’s fair to assume nobody guessed what was coming next.

Check out the video below (warning: contains nudity): 


After dropping the sausages on the floor, L’Orange disappeared backstage, leaving people wondering what would come next.

She swiftly reappeared – only now, her shirt was lifted and her trousers were down, revealing the face of a dog drawn on her back and bottom.

An atmosphere of concern immediately sweeps the video. People were likely thinking: ‘Why has she dropped sausages and drawn a dog on her butt?’

German Sausage Bum RTLGerman Sausage Bum RTLRTL

Well, it turns out the pup was hungry. L’Orange plants herself on the ground, shuffling her bare arse along the stage like a dog approaching a tasty snack.

She then picks them up, and proceeds to ‘eat them’, tensing her buttcheeks to make it seem like the pooch was munching.

Understandably, the judges – TV star Sylvie Meis, model Bruce Darnell and Dieter Bohlen – recoil in horror, screaming, trying to look away (but at the same, continuing to watch).

German Sausage Bum RTL 2German Sausage Bum RTL 2RTL

While Meis gasped in horror, Bohlen ducked for cover under his desk and Darnell ran off into the audience, muttering ‘Oh my god’ continuously.

Meis pushed her buzzer earlier on in the act, but the boys let her keep going – right until the ‘dog’ was fully fed. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it through to the next round – better luck next time.

L’Orange, a comedian and children’s performer with skills in puppetry and burlesque, describes herself on her website as ‘a Berlin-based performance artist with a twist’.

German Sausage Bum RTL 3German Sausage Bum RTL 3RTL

Her bio reads: ‘She does weird and wacky interactive performances for kids, and equally wacky but significantly dirtier shows for adults.’

Das Supertalent is one of the many spin-offs of Britain’s Got Talent around the world, although I’m pretty sure nobody has ‘eaten sausages’ with their bum before on any of the shows.

Hey, she may not have proceeded to the next round, but her act is still being shared all around the world. Not the wurst outcome, really.

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