Company Posts Hilarious Advert For New Graphics Designer


The City of Los Angeles will have been inundated with applicants after their job advert went viral.

The LA government showed their desperate need for a graphics designer by publishing an advert created on none other than Microsoft Paint.

Whoever created the advert – likely a creative intern – paid attention to detail, changing colour for each letter.

Posted by City of Los Angeles – Job Opportunities on Thursday, 18 January 2018

The advert is so reminiscent of 2001, when the only PC game I needed was drawing an array of polygons on a blank canvas, before filling the spaces with offensively opposing colours.

I felt like Piet Mondrian, even though I didn’t know who that was, and still don’t because I just Googled it.

Here’s a photo of Piet’s 1930s classic:


The nostalgic photo’s purpose was for advertising a full-time role across all departments as a Graphics Designer.

The post received over 9k shares and 6.8k likes, so it’s likely they were met with a barrage of applications.

The successful candidate will have a salary ranging from $46,708.00 to $103,230.00 annually. Nice!

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One commenter insisted the company had ‘the skills already’, warranting a witty reply from the company.

In response, the City of Los Angeles page wrote:

Thank you! My hours of watching Bob Ross videos seem to be paying off!

Another commenter wrote:

Maybe they are preparing the applicant for the fact that the city of Los Angeles can only afford the paint program for its future designer.

The advert has prompted applications and resumes in the same childish style:

Wow is that font Papyrus? Old school:

With an award like this, they’re sure to get the job:

This guy doesn’t think they need to hire anyone at all:

The job included making adverts, posters, pamphlets, signs and exhibits ‘for informational, educational, publicity, sales and promotional purposes, as well as technical and administrative reports and presentations using computer graphics software or by hand’.

Applications close on January 25, so get creating!