Conor McGregor’s ‘Illegal’ Instagram Post Causes Huge Backlash


Conor McGregor has posted to Instagram and the keyboard warriors are out in force, slamming the UFC Lightweight title-holder for just about everything under the sun, actually.

Sharing an admittedly vapid and pointless video from behind the wheel of his BMW, Conor McGregor has invited a tirade of rather melodramatic abuse for his actions, with some claiming his driving is ‘illegal’ and others pointing out his taste in music is ‘terrible’. Burn.

You can watch the ‘offending’ video below:

Driving out the compound these women are animals.

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Poor old millionaire McGregor really can’t catch a break on this post.

So, because the comments section of social media is generally more interesting – if a little more traumatising – than the uninspired tripe celebrities post, let’s take a moment to dissect the many levels of rage felt by the people sitting at home.

First we have the sensible do-gooder social media users, who want Conor to set a good example to his young fanbase by driving safely on the roads, and stop, as @adamsomerville__ so eloquently put it, ‘doing some illegal stuff’.


Instagram moraliser, @seffgillway sarcastically chimed in, saying, way ‘to set an example of being on your phone and driving’, while @seanscaanlon begged McGregor to ‘Please stop using your phone and driving’.

Maybe if Conor had a moment to read all the thousands of comments – amid the cries of ‘FIRST’, ‘HMU’ and love-eye emojis – he’d pay heed to these pleas. Maybe not.

@spikepeers kept his insults simple, joking the 29-year-old athlete has ‘sloppy pimp steering’, adding ‘tut tut’ and an obligatory smiley face.


@faux_et_gay weighed in ‘because snapping and driving ain’t cool and neither is cardi b’, bringing to light an opportunity to use one celebrity’s Instagram post to hurl some vile, sexist abuse at another, for the trolls who have nothing better to do.

McGregor proudly blasted the Cardi B track, Bartier Cardi, while driving his Beemer, and @ richyyrozay wants to know ‘Why the fook’ the champ is ‘listening to garbage’.

@jonathanb1269 added, ‘Love you Connor but your taste in music sucks’, while the self-confessed @_masterofbassline_ decreed the award-winning musician makes ‘Terrible music lol’.

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While some observers showed their appreciation for Cardi B with more flame emojis than a bush fire, some sexists like @costa_zachos, took the opportunity to spread hate and ask, ‘Conor why are you listening to this unoriginal glorified wh*re’, fanning the flames of @jacobkeglovits’s bile, when he dubbed the talented artist ‘trash’.

In the name of shaming sexists, here’s gospel according to Internet Nobody @kalvin__klein_:

Don’t be blasting that f*ggot sh*t dude . Those “women” are actually little girls mentally and will turn your daughters into wh*res if you let them listen to that sh*t.

MIDNIGHT !!! BARTIER CARDI FT @21savage will be available !!

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Meanwhile, @wawacoffeeboy graphically added, ‘That chick is horrible dude, seriously I’d rather listen to animals giving birth then her music’, and @therealspeekup stated, ‘You need some Wu Tang in your life champ’.

@deadheadsam_, who presumably doesn’t understand the definition of autism, said:

Why must you listen to autistic music


Now onto McGregor’s career – or the recent lack thereof as the fighter develops his ‘wealth belly’ and enjoys a break after going ten rounds until TKO with arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Among those who are ‘over it’ is @jvargas.201 who demanded:

Defend your belt and prove your legit. Me and no one gonna take you seriously until you do. Stop flexing like your in high school act your fookin age!

[ooyala player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ autoplay=”true” pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”15Z2gwYzE6EN0p6gNwPczNRehxDSrtW7″]

A hard-done-by @kevskate begged, ‘Please fight soon’, adding ‘It’s difficult being your fan when you fight once a year’ – and spend more time promoting whiskies, documentary films and tailored suits.

Charmingly-handled @wantnohoes chimed in:

All you give a f*ck about is flexing, a champ defends the belt. I was a fan until the money went to your head, cmon Conor.

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Longtime fan, scott.elias asked why McGregor spends more time showing off outside the Octagon than proving his worth inside.

He echoed everyone’s feeling when he said:

You fought so hard to emerge from being poor and now you display your wealth in such a childish manor. Why don’t you post an act of giving back? Nobody wants to see this.


McGregor is undoubtedly too busy peacocking over his multitude of material possessions and counting up the comments as decent social media engagement to care, as he laughs his way to more lucrative sponsorship deals, which have absolutely nothing to do with his skills inside the Octagon and more to do with his bank balance and modern-day influence.

This is the world we live in.

Anyway, as @_butterzgram said, ‘Heard bmw drivers are statistically biggest w*nkers‘.


Can confirm this is true, butterz, both empirically and based on what can be anecdotally deduced from this waste of pixels post…

Not to mention all the minutes others have spent commenting on it for no better reason than boredom.