Conspiracy Theorists Think Homeless Man Found In California Was Actually Elvis Presley

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 25 Sep 2021 17:01
Conspiracy Theorists Think Homeless Man Found In California Was Actually Elvis PresleyAlamy

A homeless man found in California is believed by conspiracy theorists to actually be the late Elvis Presley. 

The body of the homeless man was found under a bridge in San Diego, California. He was reported as being around 80 years old.


The man, known as Tommy, Jessie or Vern, was reportedly a familiar face within the homeless community, having been living on the streets for decades, however, his true identity remained a mystery to police until his DNA was processed.

Elvis Presley, performing on stage, May 26, 1956. (Alamy)Alamy

Upon his DNA being processed by a coroner as a matter of routine, the name ‘Presley’ arose, according to the book Urban Legends: Strange Tales and Unsolved Mysteries from Around the World by James Proud.

The book details that the body apparently looked suspiciously like what Presley might have looked like in his 80s, had he not passed away on August 16, 1977.


The FBI and police had to be notified of the coroner’s test results and another conspiracy theory was subsequently born.

However, this is not the first conspiracy theory to have been sparked around the King of Rock and Roll.

For years, fans have had doubts as to whether the star actually died.


From a misspelling on his headstone with his middle-name labelled as ‘Aaron’ rather than how Presley spelt it, ‘Aron’, to various supposed sightings of the Hound Dog star around the world, was this latest finding really the real Presley?

Other theorists speculated that the body of the homeless man was not the star, but instead his twin brother, Jessie, who according to Urban Legends, was reported as having died at birth.

Furthermore, Urban Legends says that the technicians ‘never heard anything more about the body’ and that the coroners told them to ‘keep it to themselves’.

 Elvis Presley (Alamy)Alamy

According to a YouTube video which has subsequently been made in light of the conspiracy theory, a lab technician said that he and his lab assistant thought that ‘someone had pulled the most elaborate prank’ on them when the star’s name came up in the DNA test.

They thought that their superior had been behind the trick, however, they were reportedly told to ‘simmer down and stay quiet’ and that it was ‘no laughing matter’.

From then, the results were sent to the FBI and CIA. According to the conspiracy videos, an FBI spokesperson, named Phillip Hunter, confirmed weeks later that the body belonged to Presley, who had supposedly been ‘in the witness protection programme since 1977’.

United States USA Tennessee Music Beale street Memphis Graceland Elvis Presley Graveyard Cemetery. (Alamy)Alamy

The video has since amassed over 373,000 views, 2,700 likes and 717 comments, with other YouTube users taking to the comments to chime in with their own theories. One said: ‘John Lennon is still alive. Prince is still alive now as his crazy sister. Bowie is still alive. Joan Rivers is still alive. You can look this up on the net. What’s going on with these dead celebs?’

Another wrote: 

Why in heaven’s name would anyone believe that a HOMELESS man is Elvis Presley? The man was worth more dead than alive, and if he just recently died, he wasn’t homeless. Too many people wouldn’t let that happen.

A third commented: ‘I knew I had seen him a few times over the yrs. I wonder if he ever went to Vegas and played an impersonator, of himself…’

Whether the conspiracy is true or not, one thing that can be agreed on by the internet despite some suspicious minds, is how much they love and miss Elvis Presley.

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