Conspiracy Theory Suggests Birthmarks Indicate How You Died In Past Life

by : Daniel Richardson on : 08 Jun 2021 16:22
Conspiracy Theory Suggests Birthmarks Indicate How You Died In Past Lifetythecrazyguy/TikTok/Shutterstock

If you’ve ever wondered how you died in a past life, a conspiracy theory about birthmarks could provide insight. 

Many people have birthmarks, but don’t pay too much attention to them. A new TikTok conspiracy video, however, has now given people a reason to check them out, as it suggests they can tell you about how you died in a past life.


Naturally, those interested will be primarily those who believe in reincarnation, but the video offers some pretty interesting food for thought.

Check out the TikTok:


The TikTok video, uploaded by Ty (@tythecrazyguy), begins by explaining the idea of reincarnation and the theory that we have lived in hundreds of different bodies before this one.


On the back of this school of thought, Ty tells viewers that birthmarks are thought to be an indicator of how you died in a previous life and are on your body as a warning.

The TikTok creator then decodes birthmarks and lets people know what the marks may be warning them against in this life. Firstly, if you have no birthmarks on your body, it likely means that your previous body died naturally.

Graves (PA Images)PA Images

A brown birthmark, which is pretty common, is supposed to signify a wound that led to your death in a previous life. A brown mark on the eyeball means you died in your sleep in a previous life.


Red birthmarks on your body mean that you may have burnt to death previously, but the most specific and weirdly detailed death is indicated by a mark with a patch of light skin around it. This is said to mean you were killed by a poison dart.

If you have a birthmark around your genitals, it means you died while having sex. If this is accompanied by a patch of light skin, it could even mean you were struck by a poison dart and died while in the act.

This concept isn’t new, but plenty of people on TikTok are now enjoying theorising how they might have died. One person noted the theory makes sense because they ‘have one on the bottom of my foot so I think I died of electrocution which makes sense as I love computers and fish tanks’.

With more than four million views, it seems a lot of TikTok users are interested in how they might have died in a previous life. However, it might be best to just try staying alive in this life.


Featured Image Credit: @tythecrazyguy/TikTok/Shutterstock

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